2024 The Trident

Questions? Contact kate.henwood@nxtsports.com or alex.benedict@nxtsports.com

Location: The Proving Grounds | 2025-2028 divisions

                 United Sports Training Center | 2029-2033 divisions

Dates: June 15-16, 2024

Cost: $1,650

Divisions: 2025-2033 A/B (2031-2032 7v7)

take the trident

Powerful and dangerous aren't just words to describe a trident - they describe the competition on the field during this elite youth weekend event at The Proving Grounds. Competing for a chance to take home the trident trophy, teams have the chance to also earn major points toward the US Lacrosse Nationals!

We think about the details so you don't have to.

Family-Friendly Scheduling:  We schedule your games in a morning or afternoon block. Half of the day on the field, the other experiencing the Conshohocken and the surrounding areas!

registration details

  • Deposit Due: Upon Registration
  • Payment Balance Deadline: April 15, 2024

Failure to meet the payment deadline will constitute non-acceptance of the tournament registration and forfeiture of the tournament spot and deposit fee.


2029 | 2030 | 2031

  • 22-minute halves | Running Central Clock | 2-minute half
  • Championship format
  • Guaranteed 4 games
  • Certified referees

See Tournament Rules for more detailed and age-appropriate rules.

YOUTH | 7v7
2032 | 2033

  • Two 22-minute halves with two-minute halftime (running clock)
  • Championship format
  • Guaranteed 4 games
  • Certified referees

Click here to read our full 7v7 rules